The Morning Coffee: October 17, 2016


Good morning…

I’ve decided to attempt an entry on a more personal and reflective level a bit more often. I’ve blogged about a whole lot of many things, mostly those about paganism and witchery, but now I’m going to deal with life. My life. My viewpoint. No one has to agree but nonetheless I’ll put what’s on my mind out there, on this blog.

Recently, I’ve literally blown up on Facebook. The topic? Politics. C’mon now… Who isn’t ticked off one way or another politically speaking? However, I have attempted to stick to the facts– something that has proven itself to be quite the challenge.

Republican candidate Donald Trump would have you believe that you cannot trust the Media’s ill-portrayal of him. The problem with that is that the Media is merely reacting to the negative manner in which he has conducted himself throughout his 17 month campaign thus far. The thing here that I’ve noted is that Mr. Trump has literally been his own worst enemy by things he’s said, the lack of facts he’s put out there, his poor behavior… There is just no getting around any of that, in my opinion. As a pagan/witch, there is one thing I understand clearly– you get what you put out. Call it the threefold law, karma, universal law, whatever. Mr. Trump is now reaping the results of what he has sown. Bottom line.

On the flipside, do I believe that Trump’s opponent is entirely on the up and up? No. Hillary Clinton has her issues of partial-truths. That much is certain. But, according to fact-checking (if you believe such is accurate)– it appears that Clinton tells the truth more often than Trump. The most honest thing that I’ve noted throughout this campaign is the constant barrage of assaults waged against Clinton from emails to Benghazi to Trump’s attack of her husband ex-President Bill Clinton even. Yet, through it all… she has stood firm and with grace– even dignity. In my opinion? That is what makes a President. Not the imagery of an angry, rampaging lunatic-like baboon screaming foul when it’s clear he has committed the very fouls he’s screaming about. Is anyone laughing yet? I know that I’ve nearly choked on my morning coffee because I’m laughing.

Irregardless of whom becomes President of the US– be it Trump or Clinton, the problem is that they are only ONE person. One person against 534 individuals of which a combined total of such equal 284 members of the Republican party and 244 members of the Democrat party and 2 Independents who have chairs elected by the people of this nation to sit in and work for us. This hasn’t been done for quite some time, and their dysfunctionality has been at its most visible for the past 8 years– but the Republican-led Congress will blame the President. One person. Hmm… My mathematics is coming up with an entirely different answer. How about yours? ┬áCheck the graphic below…


In any case, Wednesday evening, we the American people, will be yet again held hostage by the major networks as they broadcast the last of the 3 Presidential Debates. Will you be watching or will you play some music, light some candles, and play some music instead?

Be blessed,