The Morning Coffee: March 23, 2017

behind-every-successful-person-is-a-substantial-amount-of-coffee-quote-1Good Morning!

Yes, it has certainly been quite a while since I’ve last blogged an old fashioned sort of entry. That is because my life has gone from calm and peaceful, to utterly insane, and is now returning to calm and peaceful. The serenity of my days were extremely limited since the Yuletide. It began when my Father in Law suffered his third and final stroke. He’d already been in fragile health for a number of years, complicated by severe Alzheimer’s Dementia, which basically left him all but entirely memory-incapacitated when he suffered his last stroke. He passed over at the age of 88 on December 14th. We buried him on December 17th. My 85 year old Mother in Law has been having a difficult time adapting to being without him. Such is not hard to understand when you consider they were married for 67 years. A bit of something of an epic achievement for this day and age.

Then, on December 19th, after giving 25 years of service (another milestone achievement in this century) as a custodian (janitor), my Husband retired from the University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics. This was quite a change that threw my peacefulness into even more chaos– namely, what to do about health insurance for 2017, and having to make sure we had enough funds to survive an entire month with zero income before his pension and Social Security kicked in. Added on top of that, we had our Granddaughters visiting us for their annual winter break from December 26th to January 1st. We were supposed to have them a few days before but a bad snowstorm messed that up. In any case, it took until darned near January 10th to be certain that everything was in order as it should be with our respective insurance issues. Yes, migraines were commonplace during this time. So no… The holidays outright SUCKED as most things did in 2016. I did not have an enjoyable holiday season.

In February, things were looking up again. We had money. We filed our taxes. All looked good. Then, March came. We celebrated my daughter’s 20th birthday and Hubs somehow managed to develop an upper respiratory infection that landed him in the hospital for 4 days. He was released March 13th– another lousy day– weather wise. Thankfully my region was well-prepared for the horrid weather and the streets were cleared and navigational without the slipping and sliding. In fact, when I went to pick up Hubs, the snow had gratefully let up an hour before his release. However, during that time also, my daughter somehow had managed to develop mononucleosis, only to narrowly avoid a hospital stay herself!!! Both Dad and Daughter are on the medical mend. Perhaps the only medical grace that the Lady has bestowed upon us is the fact that I (the usual high risk medical case around here) escaped the sickies in my household with a simple, basic, common cold. Lucky for me, I’m smart. I stocked up on echinacea tea and airborne. Without such? I probably would have been roomates in the hospital with Hubs.

Anyhoo, with all this in mind… How happy am I that Ostara arrived? The word is: EXCEEDINGLY. Yes, I know that spring is one of two seasons that raise hell with my sinuses and the rains will make me ache but, oh well. At least warmer weather and more sunlight is on the daily menu. Bring it on!!!

Be blessed,



The Morning Coffee: February 27, 2017

sahjaza-mug-bGood Morning!

The best part of waking up is Sahjaza in your mug. LOL! No seriously… A bit ago, I showed my love and support of Temple (House) Sahjaza– a long standing and reputable vampire/witch coven founded by my dear friend, Goddess Rosemary, by purchasing this mug from their site on Zazzle. The mug itself is well crafted and sturdy. I should get many years of use out of it. It was a great way to show some love and support of both my friend, and the numerous members of her coven with whom I’ve become friends with as well over many years. Personally, I’ve known Rosemary for 20 years (and counting), dating back to our extremely active sites on MSN Groups (which no longer exist since MSN stopped offering groups quite a long time ago– sadly).

Over the many years of my “witchery” on the internet, I’ve come to know and highly regard the many individuals with whom I’ve worked with in the past. In 1994, I founded a Yahoo Groups site under the screen name of Jedi Psychic. At that time, no one knew I was a solitary witch– with exception to my late cousin, Sharon (one of the untimely and horribly perished on 9/11). I kept such under wraps because of a strongly bible-thumping ex-husband with whom I’d had two sons. I’d actually been a witch since October of 1995, shortly before my youngest son, Luke, had been born. I was initiated Gardnerian, but in large part due to my restrictive ex-husband, then my husband, I eventually drifted into the realm of the solitary which proved itself invaluable, beneficial, and enjoyable in later years.

Thank the Lady and Lord for the likes of Scott Cunningham for his writings geared toward solitaries. Cunningham wrote the way that I think, and his works were valuable to a witch like myself. Because of him, visualization proved to become an indispensible tool– something that has helped me immensely since 2005, when I’d become a victim of congestive heart failure. Since 2005 most notably and again in 2015, my solitary witchery has been adapted to my medical limitations quite nicely. I’ll simply say this… visualization which has led to a keenly disciplined mind is of keynote importance and a major ingredient in the manner I conduct and perform my rituals. For such, I owe a good amount of thanks to Cunningham’s books for being able to do that well and pull it all off successfully.

In any case, in the spiritual sense of “repaying the blessings/paying it forward”, I have been a participating member in the pagan/witch community– most notably on the internet over the past 23 years (and counting), as Jedi Psychic to Lady Aquarius (I chose to come out of the broomcloset in 1997 under the latter screen name when my daughter, Gabrielle (Abby) was born.) with Lady Aquarius 1962’s Cauldron on MSN Groups. There, I was invited to assist with a daily pagan “news” site on MSN– Pagan Daily News. Eventually, I came to fully operate the site when the founding members found their business lives becoming too involved for them to dedicate time to the endeavor any longer.

At Pagan Daily News, I worked with a great bunch of people and pagans. One of whom was a gal with the screen name of Lady Elaine (author Celeste Heldstab) who also ran a number of MSN Groups sites. There was another gal with the screen name on MSN as Apache Rain/Shade who also worked with me on Pagan Daily News. Shade passed over a number of years ago, but at that time, she had a number of MSN Groups also– a few of which I came to co-manage for her over the years as her health deteriorated and Hurricane Katrina swept through her area, and it was through them that I met a gal with the screen name of Silky Rose (my friend Rosemary of Temple Sahjaza).

All of this being stated, I raise my coffee mug in salute. Hail Sahjaza! To my sister in the craft, I raise my first morning’s cup of joe to you and your coven. May you all continue to be blessed for many years to come!

Be blessed,


The Morning Coffee: February 2, 2017

coffee1-2016_05_14-02_02_56-utcGood Morning…

Civil unrest. Uprising. Protests. Revolt. These things in a nutshell are found in our daily lives, and ever-increasingly in America. However, let me assure you– these things are not the end result of one man’s actions. Rather, they are sourced in many. From angered voters, to narcissists, to racists, to fascists, to those who simply don’t give a good damn and want to watch it all burn. Let’s face it– there is a ton of butt hurt out there, and it does not matter which side of the political table you find yourselves seated on. The bottom line is that government no longer works for the people upon which it was intended that they represent. At least here in the United States, one thing is certain… The system is broken.

Allow me to be perfectly fair…

* During the 2016 Campaign, the Democratic National Committee was outed via WikiLeaks, of literally sabotaging the Bernie Sanders campaign. Simply, they rigged the system in favor of the eventual party nomination of Hillary Clinton for President. The DNC Chairperson, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz resigned her position after being publically ruined by the leak. However, the Clinton campaign hired Wasserman-Schultz and supported her own re-election efforts which she won by the way. Sound fishy to you? I’m sure it does. If it doesn’t– pardon my brutal honesty and blunt talk– but you’ve either buried your head in the sand, or you’re an idiot.

* The Republicans on the other hand were NOT hacked. At least according to them. However, WikiLeaks cried BS on that one. So has many US Government sources. Do some “googling.” Allegedly there is a dossier on our current President that is poised to be released if Trump essentially doesn’t “kiss butt.” The question: Who’s butt does Trump have to kiss? Russia’s? Likely. Putin put him in the White House for sure. There is enough evidence to support that. But, I don’t think that the butt-kissing begins and ends with just Putin either. In my observative eyes, the majority of the butt-kissing is to be done right here on American soil, and they sit in the US Senate and House. They’re the ones with the quick pens trying to wipe out your Social Security, Medicare, and oh yes… Obamacare too.

For eight years of the Obama administration, we saw Republicans figuratively sitting on their hands, blocking most if not everything that administration was for. Now, here we are. The Trump administration has begun to take shape, in all of its apparent and bold ugliness, and it is now Democrats standing in opposition. To the naked eye, it seems to be a game of tit for tat or payback. Sadly, that is not true. The current administration is attempting to break and utterly destroy constitutional and basic human rights and such affects everyone living in this nation. According to a number of media sources, they believe that the offenses of the Trump administration make President Trump quite impeachable yet Congress is so busy blocking Trump’s questionable cabinet appointees left and right, they don’t seem to be making any effort to impeach Trump. At least as of yet. However, do I think that Trump will sit four years in the White House? No. I do not. Trump is actually rather easily expendable.

In summary, what we are witnessing in the United States is what is called a coup d’état, also known simply as a coup, or an overthrow, is the sudden and forced seizure of a state, usually instigated by a small group of the existing government establishment to depose the established regime and replace it with a new ruling body. A coup d’état is considered successful when the usurpers establish their dominance. If a coup fails, a civil war may ensue. I mean that seriously. Consider yourselves forewarned.

If you’re hoping for good news in this morning’s coffee? Sorry. I’ve none to offer. But, I do have a prayer…

President, Chief Executive, Commander-in-Chief:
You have sworn to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.
Gods and Goddesses of the Oath:
don’t let him forget this.
And if he does, torment his dreams,
compelling him to return to his vow.

Source: A Pagan Ritual Prayer Book, by Ceisiwr Serith

Be blessed,


The Morning Coffee: January 2, 2017

gm3sm-2016_05_14-02_02_56-utcGood Morning…

Yes. I am aware that I’ve not posted the Pagan Calendar. There is a reason for that, and here it is: For a number of years, in its many forms, I have provided such on a daily basis. It has become repetitive, and even in spite of adding things, and modifying its content over those years, to be honest– I fail to see the need in providing it further. That being said, I’m sure many of you will miss that particular blog entry. However, the truth is that it really isn’t gone or is going anywhere. It is still very much available in the archives of my blog. It isn’t being deleted, I just won’t be updating it on a daily basis and providing it any longer.

On another note… 2016 has been a rather ugly year, and in more ways than the recent farce of an election process here in the United States. It has shown me that there is a lot of anger, hatred, hypocrisy, and general ugliness as well. This world is truly a very ugly and frightening place. Something that tells me that humankind has still exceedingly far to go to achieve true maturity, and sadly– I am not too optimistic about humanity ever really getting there. We will likely kill each other and ourselves long before we ever mature, and in my opinion we are well on our way in achieving the negative rather than the positive result.

Yes, you have read my words correctly. In summary, I have no faith in humankind anymore. I have no faith in government anymore. We are in my estimation– doomed. How else do you honestly explain all the bright lights dimming and people checking out of this end of life in the huge numbers that they have been? In 2016, a good lot of people left this planet. Darkness is upon us for sure. Yes, I do believe in omens– and there were many of them in this past year.

This past holiday week, I saw it for myself alive and well in my own Granddaughters. They fought, bickered, beat each other up, called each other names, were disrespectful to their Father– and a lot of us in my household. It was the single most miserable holiday I’ve ever lived.

All of this being blogged– I am taking a well-earned and deserved break from all online responsibilities not only to my own sites but this extends itself to others where I’ve lent a hand. This break is indefinite. I’m just not “feeling it” right now, and that’s just not a good thing. I will however, continue to share information I’ve found on other wonderful sites to my FB page and on Twitter. So, feel free to browse there.

I really hope that 2017 fares better than the previous year but I’m not going to hold my breath either.

Be blessed,


The Morning Coffee: November 24, 2016

coffee-pouring-cream-2016_05_14-02_02_56-utcHappy Thanksgiving!

Here in the United States, we are celebrating the annual holiday of Thanksgiving. It is a time for being thankful for all that we have and willingly share it with those whom we love– be they friends or family. Some of us even share it with the homeless or less-fortunate individuals in some way, shape, or form. It is also a time for taking stock of our lives and meditating upon our situations. What do we have to be thankful for? Such a questioning of ourselves is commonplace today.

Today however, is unique for many of us. The recent US Election did not end well for about 2 million voters (and still counting). Those people helped their candidate of choice win the Popular Vote (majority of people). Sadly and unfairly, that candidate will not be the President of our nation in January 2017, unless by some outright miracle– our Nation’s Electoral College does the right thing and take the side of the majority in this matter. In all honesty, I’m not holding my breath. I didn’t hold my breath in 2000 when this happened either.

Irregardless of what develops in that matter, I am one of many who are dealing with what currently is happening. I don’t like it. There are many things such as racism, sexism, and numerous other things going on in my Nation that frankly– makes me very concerned about the future and it leaves me feeling ill. Not so much physically ill. I’m speaking of spiritually ill. It’s a part of an inner-knowingness on a soul level that I’ve been in this position before (many of us whom are pagan or witch believe in reincarnation btw), and so here I am… AGAIN. It leaves me questioning my fellow humanity’s intelligence. I feel like I’m surrounded by complete nincompoops. Sort of like the old adage: “One cannot soar with eagles when they’re surrounded by fools.” In this instance, not only am I surrounded by fools– I am surrounded by greed and selfishness. Should I pack up and run to Canada? Should I see how many others in my State are considering secession (CalExit) from the Union and follow? NO!!! Why? That’s an easy way out as much as it is a cop-out, and it is entirely unrealistic. Such a thing would only end up as disastrous as the Civil War. If not worse.

I also find myself wondering if this Nation’s fight for its independence 240 years ago was even worth it. To quote a line out of the movie, “The Patriot”– “Why should I trade one tyrant three thousand miles away for three thousand tyrants one mile away? An elected legislature can trample a man’s rights as easily as a king can.”, Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson’s character).

Yes, this has been happening for quite some time here in the United States, and it is poised to become far worse in the next four years. Am I supposed to be thankful for this? Are any of us? I say yes. How can I say that? Easy. We are standing apart from the madness, the greed, the tyrannical, the sexist, the racist, the fascist, the neo-nazi, and so forth. We are the American Patriots of the 21st Century! Nothing can ever take that away from us. Ever. So yes, for that? I am thankful and equally so for those who find themselves in agreement. There are more of us than there are those in opposition (both intentional and blindly ignorant to it). We just need to get past the illusion of being outnumbered. We are in fact, far from it.

Our Forefathers are hoping that we will realize this. That belief is what this Nation was founded upon. We are the “American Dream.” Men. Women. Black. White. Asian. Hispanic. Native. WE the people!!! Be mindful of such. Be prepared to fight against those who oppose us. Be ready to defend. Stand united. Be thankful.

Be blessed…


The Morning Coffee: November 8, 2016

3  Yes, it’s a little past Noon today but I’ve had a busy morning.  I only had one cup of coffee and off to the local polls for Election Day I went with my Hubby and Daughter.  We stopped off at Denny’s for breakfast after casting our votes.  This year’s ballot was quite easy to vote upon–  A simple fill in the hole next to the Candidate of your choice.  I made certain that little hole was filled alright.  It’s a wonder the pen didn’t rip a hole in the hole.  In any case, short of “missing ballots” there is no friggin’ way not to be able to read and make out whom I voted for.  (It was NOT for Mr. Trump, btw.)

In any case, today was a day that will indeed be remembered in American history.  It was the first time in our 240 year history that a woman was on the ballot for the office of President of the United States.  That fact alone is worthy of celebration.  Whether or not Clinton wins is irrelevant in my opinion.  Susan B. Anthony and all the other suffragettes would be so very proud.  We (women) have come a very long way, and we’ve stood strong against religious ignorance and masculine opposition.  May we keep progressing forward toward equality in all realms of life.  May the Goddess help us.

On a parting note, I’m very proud and honored to have shared this moment in history with my Daughter.  I only wish I could’ve also shared it with my Mother but, I know she’s watching…

Be blessed,



An Interesting Samhain…

halloween-2016_05_14-02_02_56-utcWell, another Samhain come and gone… But now I send a special thanks to my Dad (and Uncle Henry) from beyond the veil. He somehow knew my Yule celebrations were going to be dampened quite a bit this year thanks to whatever is wrong w/ our furnace (we find out next Thursday). HOWEVER…

In my mailbox yesterday, I received a total of 10 War Bonds issued between May and October of 1942 that my Dad’s brother had purchased for my Dad (who was 13 yrs old at the time). Total face value: $250.00. Today’s value: nearly $980.00!!! Thanks Daddy. I now have the money needed should my furnace need replacing or repair. I no longer have to sweat it.

Coincidence?  Absolutely not.  Besides, I’ve never been one to believe in such.  I will acknowledge that Dad was fully aware of my need for help and heard my SOS behind the veil.

Be blessed.

The Morning Coffee: October 25, 2016

2Good Morning…

I’ve been recovering from a busy weekend.  My Granddaughters were here since last Wednesday evening.  They had a break from school and therefore were able to enjoy an extended weekend with their Dad and everyone here.  We had fun watching the more recent version of ‘Ghostbusters’ with Jenny McCarthy.  While it was a cute movie and fairly well done, that had featured cameo appearances from Bill Murray and Dan Ackroyd, I still found myself missing the originals.  The girls and I also had some fun playing Star Wars Battlefront, and they managed to help Grams here complete some Hutt Contracts.  They also learned why NOT to play against Grams in the Skirmish modes.  Clue:  They discovered that Grams is a pretty good opponent.

Anyhoo, as Samhain approaches, I tend to find myself seeking solace and quiet.  With the upcoming farce of an Election I find myself having to turn off the TV, Radio, and yes… even the Internet.  I simply go for a walk, or take a nap to regain my center.  On a recent walk through my neighborhood, I’d noted signs for Trump/Pence and Clinton/Kaine littering front lawns mixed in with the more traditional multi-colored leaves and festive Halloween decor and I was struck with a serious thought.  Samhain is the festival of the dead– a time to remember our ancestors and to celebrate the last of the harvests.  As that particular thought entered my mind, I found myself looking at a Trump/Pence sign and felt a cold chill blast through my body from head to toe like a lightning bolt.  In any case, I took such as a confirmation of my intuitive instinct NOT to cast a vote for Trump/Pence.  Far worse, the incident served as a warning that IF Trump/Pence would emerge as winners of this Election, the American nation will undergo some seriously dark and perilous times.  When I came home, I even performed a Tarot reading on it all.  Let’s just say the forecast was rather “ugly.”  I took such as yet another confirmation.

Irregardless, most of this Election, I’ve tried my best to keep people informed of the issues between the Candidates.  Unfortunately that sort of thing proved rather difficult because– as we’ve all come to realize, I’m certain– Mr. Trump is a supreme attention whore.  I seriously don’t think it matters whether the attention he receives is positive or negative.  All that matters to Trump is that he’s getting attention.

Today for example, the New York Times published ‘The 281 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List.’  Astonishingly this published revelation took up an incredible two pages of the NY Times– yes.  TWO PAGES.  What a waste of paper resources, in my opinion.  While such may be entertaining to some, I found it appalling on so many levels.  Most notably that the Times must be suffering from what is commonly referred to in journalism as a “slow news day.”

Honestly.  If you want to shut Trump up?  Stop writing, stop talking, stop everything about his pathetic self.  Trump is good for one thing.  Fodder.  That’s it.  Move on.  Next…

Have a wonderful day!  Turn off the TV, the Radio, the Internet, and go for a walk amongst Nature’s artistry.  It’s a far more enjoyable time.

Be blessed,