August’s Esbat: Full “Corn” Moon

Aquarius Corn Moon_Aug 18 2016

NOTE: Even though I make usage of the word “you” a great deal in this forecast, please note that it is meant as a generality and to make this more personal for those whom are reading this entry.

These days we tend to love an audience, basking in the attention which comes with being center stage. Most of the time you do manage to attract the attention that you so keenly seek, as your enthusiasm and sense of fun has a contagious effect lighting a spark of fun and joy in those around you. Your generous nature also means that you’re willing to share your abundant goodwill with others. You may also find yourself surrounded by children ready to join your playful games, for you’re adept at bringing out the child in everyone.

You feel secure with intellect rather than emotions. You may be aloof from emotions, or distrust emotions as irrational and unpredictable.

You have a discriminating mind, and can be critical and analytical. You can also become obsessed with detailed knowledge. This may be to your detriment in daily life, although it is very beneficial for doing any kind of research. You like to be precise in your communications with others.

You will seek meaningful relationships with a practical basis. You will want your partner to be precise, neat and punctual. You may expect perfection. You will enjoy having detailed analytical conversations.

You are an inspirational leader, and have a strong desire for exploration and adventure. You may be one-pointed in your desires.

You have a strong desire to be of service, and high religious or spiritual ideals. You may also have an obsession with detailed perfection.

You may be committed to higher education and have a strict moral code. You are also an easygoing and optimistic worker.

This is a time of initiative and spontaneity. It indicates the breaking down of old structures and the emerging of the new.

Many of us may possess the ability to be at-one with “God.” We may be able to express our spirituality through visions and art. Many may also be inspirational teachers, conscious of wholeness.

This is a time of a change in world government. Many will possess the ability to transform old structures into new and enduring ones.

You will have difficulty gaining your own sense of individuality. You have an ability to feel others’ pain and may need to detach and meditate. You may also suffer from your own deep and personal grief.

Your mind can be brilliant, original and insightful. You are able to quickly grasp new ideas and apply them to the future. You fight for your ideals, and humanitarian or political causes.

You want an intense and sexual relationship. You want your partner’s total attention and demand a high degree of sensuality.

You feel cared for when loved ones give you a sense of stability and security. You like to be touched and stroked, and nurtured in practical ways. You also like to show others you care through practical means.

Do you feel that you are often embroiled in other people’s emotional dramas? The Black Moon is in the intense Sign of Scorpio indicating that you often feel that other people invade your life with their crises. You sometimes crave solitude and resent their intrusion. Perhaps you don’t realize the extent to which you are attracted to these dramas. You feel a little more alive and connected to other people when sharing intense moments. Therefore, you need to accept your own need for emotional intensity. You may even decide to opt for work that demands intense concentration, or some form of counselling.

August_Corn Moon

Blue Moon Aspectarian: July 31

Blue Moon July 31

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Jul 31 2015, 5:42:52 am, CDT +5:00

Geocentric Tropical Zodiac

Koch Houses, True Node


Your Sun is in the zodiac sign of Leo indicating that many of us tend to be good-hearted, and have a sunny personality which shines in the company of others. In fact we may find that we love an audience, basking in the attention which comes with being center stage.


Your Sun is in the 1st House meaning that self-expression is an important aspect of our lives right now. We are determined to have the freedom to explore our own personal interests and make our own way in the world. During this time we need to be aware of the tendency to be somewhat arrogant and selfish and so we may need to stop and consider other people’s rights. On a more positive side, we learn most through our own experiences, rather than relying on the advice of others. In ancient times the Sun was considered particularly strong when in the angular first house of a chart, highlighting our ability to live a hale and hearty life with plenty of energy to ensure that we make an impact on our environment.


QUINCUNX NEPTUNE Orb 1°17′ Applying

Thanks to this aspect, many of us will have difficulty coming to terms with the artistic and softer side of our nature. We need to allow ourselves full reign of our imagination and trust our intuition. That is the key to our success in feeling more at peace with ourselves and the world.


While the Moon is in this air sign, we find that we tend to feel secure with intellect rather than emotions. We may be aloof from emotions, or distrust emotions as irrational and unpredictable.


The Moon is placed in the 7th House suggests that our primary relationship plays a key role in our life, dominating our moods and actions. Some of us in fact may discover that our relationship has run into some emotionally cold waters as this is not a time for “cuddly-wuddliness”. It could also be a time when we discover that our relationship with our significant other is more friendship-based than romantically-based. In either case, we are likely to either adapt our behavior to please our partner, or some of us may even rebel against his or her influence. There is a simple need to reassess our priorities and to work towards a balance between loving compromise and self-assertion.


OPPOSITION THE SUN Orb 0°00′ Applying

Today, there is likely to be a bit of an imbalance between our ego and emotions, our assertion and our empathy, and our masculine and feminine natures. This may result in disagreements on the homefront. We will have to work hard to develop harmony between our home and professional lives, our conscious and unconscious personalities, and our mind and feelings. We can accomplish a great deal as long as we don’t allow ourselves to be carried away by conflicts and moodiness.


Many of us will struggle to make decisions in our lives, unsure whether to follow our feelings or our thoughts; our heart or our head. We may find ourselves doubting ourselves much of the time. The challenge to us is to find a balance between the two.


During this transit, we find that we are enthusiastic in our quest for knowledge. We are proud of our learning abilities, and believe in the saying that learning is fun. Beware of a tendency to be a know-it-all.


Many of us will discover that we have become a bit more curious, constantly seeking information and data on the world around ourselves lately. There is also a strong urge to get out and travel, but not necessarily long distance travel. This is also a time we find ourselves involved in negotiations or contract discussions of some sort.


TRINE URANUS Orb 4°12′ Applying

This is a very stimulating transit that makes us feel more alive and awake mentally—if not outright restless (and perhaps sleepless) than usual. Everything we encounter now has an exciting quality to it. The downside is that we need to be mindful that our thinking is a tad lacking in careful forethought and discipline. Therefore, we need to take heed of our intuition to avert some difficulties later.


With Venus here, we tend to seek meaningful relationships with a practical basis. Anyone we partner with during this time we expect to be precise, neat and punctual, and perfect. We enjoy having detailed analytical conversations during this time.


Many of us will have the desire to relate to others, and to make whatever personal compromises are necessary in order to achieve such. In general, this a good time to hang out with friends and perhaps even make a few new ones.



This transit is extremely good for all types of relationships, whether they are professional, personal, social, or intimate. This is a time when we tend to feel optimistic, eager and outgoing, warm and friendly to everyone we meet. We may find that this is an especially lucky time for us on financial levels.

SQUARE SATURN Orb 1°45′ Applying

You have difficulty being assertive in our closer relationships. We fear confrontation and shy away from emotional disputes. Beware of a tendency to think that things are worse than they really are. Be careful not to over-extend or overdo during this time.


Mars in this sign signals a time to fight for people or causes about which we feel strongly. Many of us are particularly protective of our family. When personally hurt, we find that we are likely to retreat into our protective shells.


Our sense of personal power is somehow eroded. We may experience emotional outbursts, seemingly out of the blue. There may also be a tendency to feel a vague sense of loss of direction at times.


TRINE SATURN Orb 3°49′ Applying

This transit blesses most of us with patience and a general willingness to do difficult and exacting or precision-oriented work. Anything that requires great attention to detail is favored now.

SQUARE URANUS Orb 3°57′ Separating

We feel the need to get our enormous energy level under some control and eventually develop self-restraint. This makes us valuable as a leader, usually in a career where our level of courage is appreciated. On the other hand, we may find that we can be at times accident prone.


With this transitory influence, we discover that we are more benevolent, generous and fun loving. Many of us may be on an enthusiastic search for creative expression which could extend itself to a desire to have children, or at least enjoy their company.


There is a tendency for us to have a bit of a larger than life presence and an ability to inspire others. This is a great time to go back to school to learn something entirely new or simply a time to gain new experiences which will be of personal benefit to us.


SQUARE SATURN Orb 0°38′ Applying

Under this transit, be careful of a poor idea of our own abilities and a tendency to put ourselves down. Don’t compare yourself to others. Believe in your own abilities. Do not expect recognition from others. Work to reward yourself.


With Saturn’s transit of this sign, many of us will discover that we have an intense commitment to work and joint enterprises. Resourcefulness and determination both at home and at work are emphasized.


This is an extremely important transit of Saturn. During this time, many of us will focus on our innermost personal and domestic issues. Any problems in these areas will reach “critical mass” and demand our attention. Home repairs, mortgage problems, even caring for our elderly parents may become extremely burdensome and/or troublesome.


With Uranus making its way through this sign, such is a period of initiative and spontaneity. It indicates the breaking down of old structures and the emerging of the new.


Many of us will develop unusual and original philosophies. Some of us may rebel against orthodox religion and enjoy sudden bursts of study and foreign travel.


While Neptune transits its own sign, many of us will be able to express our spirituality through visions and art. Individuals whom are inspirational teachers, conscious of wholeness tend to gain our attention.


We tend to feel at one with others and have the ability to transcend daily life through metaphysical pursuits. Many more of us may easily sense emotional undercurrents.


If you find yourself asking more and more on a political level, “What the hell is going on?” This is the reason for it. With Pluto in Capricorn, do not be surprised with the changes in world government. This is a time to transform old structures into new and enduring ones, some of which will not be pleasant.


Our daily routine plays an important role in our lives. Unfortunately, we may experience dramatic changes to our health. The challenge in front of us is to recognize the power of the relationship between mind and body.

Solitary Witchery and the Esbats

Mead Moon Lit 2015SmTuesday was the eve of the latest Esbat, and I celebrated it in full ritual fashion, typical of a witch, but even more so for those within covens.  However, I have also discovered that for many Solitaries, a full ritual for an Esbat may NOT be so “typical.”  I’ve found that although ritual is the more traditional manner of communing with the Lady on her night of fullness, She is also rather accepting of something a bit more informal (to some it may even be a bit more personal– let me know if you feel and think that way)– almost like that of a simple Mother-Daughter (Son, for you guys out there) get-together over a cup of coffee and perhaps performing a candlelit Tarot reading (which IS a great way to open the doors of communication, by the way). Irregardless, as I normally do on Esbats– I still performed a much-needed self-reading in which I’d asked the Lady in her triplicity, very simply, to make use of the Tarot as Her “channel” of communication, and to grant me confirmation and guidance in the areas of concern to me.  Her answers were quite comforting.

The Tarot reading when performed utilizing the “Triple Goddess Spread” is an absolutely wonderful way to get feedback from the Lady and some helpful advice!  Allow me to show you how such is done…

June 2015 Esbat ReadingFor this reading you will need to draw out the following Major Arcana cards (to use to draw in the Goddess in her triple form)…

Maiden:  the High Priestess

Mother:  the Empress

Crone:  the Moon

Place those 3 cards in a row (as pictured to the right), then shuffle the cards.  You then ask the Triple Goddess to share her wisdom with you.

Then you deal 3 cards under each aspect of the Goddess.  You will have 9 cards in all.

The Maiden (Priestess) will inform you of possibilities, your hopes and dreams, and things that may yet be coming into fruition.  She will also address the root issues of your concerns.

The Mother (Empress) shows you how your projects and goals have come to fruition and what is going on around you now.  She will also address if whether or not She believes you’re headed in the correct direction, or areas where you may need improvement.

The Crone (Moon) shows you the outcome, and your karma– things that are unseen at the moment be they potentials or hidden thoughts or desires, and quite possibly issues and things that you may be either unaware of or afraid to face.

Although this spread can truly be performed anytime, I find that it is best used the evening of an Esbat.  In any case, try it for yourselves, and feel free to let me know your thoughts and feelings about this particular spread.

Now, back to the non-traditional Esbat celebration issue amongst Solitaries…

For some Solitaries, they conduct their informal rites saying a simple prayer to “Mother Moon.”  Others may simply go for a walk and bask in the moonlight.  If the weather is inhospitable, some may simply light some incense and a few candles, and take a few moments out for meditation.

With such in mind, I dare to ask, are the informal “rites” any less effective or honorable and befitting to the Goddess?  To be quite fair, I’ve done ritual in the traditional sense, and I’ve done the informal.  What I have found is that the Lady simply LOVES to be remembered.  Period.  How you go about doing such is irrelevant.  It all boils down to opening the doors of communication and communion with your Mother by taking a few moments of time from the insanity and fast-pacedness of our lives just to be with Her.  That is what She cares about.

Be blessed!


Astro-Calendar: Week of March 1, 2015

12:05 pm CST:  14°Vi50'

March 5th:  12:05 pm CST: 14°Vi50′

*All times Central.

Mar 1 2015 0:57 am
Transiting Venus Opposition Transiting North Node
Meetings or unions with others through necessity or because of work. Efforts to socialize. Diplomacy and tact.

9:55 am
Transiting Mercury Sextile Transiting Uranus
Intensity of mind. Experimental attitude. Expression of radical or unusual viewpoints. Technical interest. Inventiveness.

3:15 pm
Transiting Mercury Opposition Transiting Jupiter
Mentally pushing the limits — overassimilation. Interest in learning and travel. Overconfident judgments. Opinions.

5:34 pm
Moon enters Leo
You have an emotional need for praise and attention. Under stress you may show off in order to gain attention, or become arrogant.

Mar 3 2015 2:47 am
Moon goes void of course

6:25 am
Transiting Jupiter Trine Transiting Uranus
A sudden and exciting new opportunity may present itself during this transit and you are in just the mood to make the most of any break in your normal routine. Your psychic and intuitive abilities may be strong making up for any lack of practical common sense. Study, travel, technical, esoteric and scientific pursuits may also feature.

Mar 4 2015 5:57 am
Moon enters Virgo
You will experience a strong link between the emotions and the body. You have a need for perfection. You may become ill when under stress.

9:14 am
Transiting Venus Trine Transiting Jupiter
Comfortable social conditions. Generosity and friendliness. Big productions or gatherings. Beautiful appearances.

12:45 pm
Transiting Venus Conjunction Transiting Uranus
Excitability over interactions with others. Unique expression of affections. Sharing excitement. Mental/artistic creativity.

9:17 pm
Transiting Venus Square Transiting Pluto
The desire to meet one’s biological needs in relationships. Jealousy. Sexual tension. Territorial disputes. Obsession.

9:57 pm
Transiting Mars Opposition Transiting North Node
Participation in active, exciting and possibly boisterous events. Efforts to cooperate which may be stressful. Group energies. Associations which deal with conflict, or are experiencing conflict. Stressful construction or recreation.

Mar 5 2015 12:05 pm
Full Moon at 14°Vi50′

12:36 pm
Moon goes void of course

6:18 pm
Transiting Sun Sextile Transiting Pluto
Issues of power. Personal power/magnetism. Determination. Decision. Revealing the inner self. Body communication. Biological forces. Sexual acceptance. Sharing and trust. Financial power used without resistance.

Mar 6 2015 6:51 pm
Moon enters Libra
You have a need for harmony and peaceful surroundings, and will seek peace when under stress.

Pagan Calendar: Weekend of January 3 – 4, 2015


Saturday: Day of Reckoning
Saturn, the Roman god of the harvest, rules this day of the Jewish Sabbath. The French word for Saturday, sumedi, also suggests a link to Saturn. Saturday is seen as the day of reckoning – a time to summon energy for wisdom, legal matters, knowledge, and karma. It is associated with magic dealing with banishing, change, death, motivation, reincarnation, understanding and wills.

Color of the Day: Black
Opens up the deeper levels of the unconscious; use in rituals to induce a deep meditation state, or to banish evil or negativity as in uncrossing rituals.

On this Date: St. Genevieve/Customary Kalends of January
Customary Kalends of January (in the East Anglican tradition) dedicated to St. Genevieve, patroness or genius loci of the city of Paris.

If January Kalends be summerly gay,
‘Twill be wintry till the Kalends of May.

Source: ‘The Pagan Book of Days: A Guide to the Festivals, Traditions, and Sacred Days of the Year’, by Nigel Pennick


10:53 pm CST in Cancer

10:53 pm CST in Cancer

Sunday: The Day of the Sun
The day of the Sun, honoring the God in general Pagan terminology is also the Christian sabbath, or “day of the Lord”. This makes Sunday a traditional day of rest, reflection, and worship. It is believed that babies born on this day are destined to be lucky. In general, Sunday is a day to inspire joy, peace, and happiness and to focus on growth, healing, and male health issues. It is associated with magic dealing with authority, divine power, friendships, healing, learning, reason and world leaders.

Color of the Day: Gold
Fosters understanding and attracts the power of cosmic forces; beneficial in rituals intended to bring about fast money or riches.

On this Date: Nothing noted.

Source: ‘The Pagan Book of Days: A Guide to the Festivals, Traditions, and Sacred Days of the Year’, by Nigel Pennick

New Blogsite!

Full Moon Clouded Hello  Friends!

Samhain (Halloween) is upon us, and as pagans and witches know, it is a great time to put an end to the old, and give way to something new.  So, with such in mind, I have chosen to put away the old Blogger site, in favor of this one.  Yes, I’m still battling medical issues but using this time properly also gives me an opportunity to get used to using something new.

As always, I will blog as I’m able, or as I see fit to do such.  You are always welcomed to make a note of this site, or watch my Facebook, Google+, or Twitter for notices of new blog entries in the future.

Blessed be!