Professional Astrologer & Tarot Interpreter with over 40 years of experience (NO I do not give free readings.). Solitary Witch.  Yes, I am proud to be a Green Bay Packers fan. CAUTION: Opinionated yet logical.  Wife, Mom, Grandma.

In my honest opinion, I believe that blogging is a wonderful way to share information and insights.  That in mind, you’ll find that I blog about a number of differing topics.  Feel free to comment on them, if and when you so desire.

***I do more than blog.  Fact is… I’m a pretty active person in various areas online.  Looking for a reasonably priced and Emailed Tarot Reading? Or, perhaps you’re more interested in Natal Astrology?  Or, do you want to check out what I do NOT blog here?  Visit my Page on Facebook for full details.

21st Century Witchery (on Facebook):  http://bit.ly/2demSbf

Twitter:  http://bit.ly/2d5UWpv

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