Beltane and May Blessings!

May (2016_05_14 02_02_56 UTC)

Beltane (2016_05_14 02_02_56 UTC)

It’s a chilly, rainy, muddy Beltane day in my neck o’ the woods.  There will be no outdoor ritual festivities for this solitary.  Sigh.  Oh well, the indoor ritual will just have to do.  It’s just so depressing.  The weather was so nice for a while in March, then for the past near week, it’s all gone– almost back to winter rather than spring in fact.

I feel sorry for my neighbors who already made the ill-advised mistake of trusting Nature playing nice because now their plantings are just about destroyed by either frost or rain, and they’ll have to start over.  In any case, this witch learned a very long time ago, to NEVER be fooled by nice weather.  Anotherwords, I simply refuse to plant anything in the ground outdoors until Memorial Day weekend.  Global warming or no global warming.  Wisconsin weather is as fickle as the day is long and that much has not yet changed.  Even the birds are complaining– including the family of 4 in the nest just outside my front door built and perched on my rain-gutter pipe.

Anyhoo, have a blessed sabbat, and enjoy the merriment of the day!

Be blessed,


BeltanePoem (2016_05_14 02_02_56 UTC)