The Morning Coffee: March 23, 2017

behind-every-successful-person-is-a-substantial-amount-of-coffee-quote-1Good Morning!

Yes, it has certainly been quite a while since I’ve last blogged an old fashioned sort of entry. That is because my life has gone from calm and peaceful, to utterly insane, and is now returning to calm and peaceful. The serenity of my days were extremely limited since the Yuletide. It began when my Father in Law suffered his third and final stroke. He’d already been in fragile health for a number of years, complicated by severe Alzheimer’s Dementia, which basically left him all but entirely memory-incapacitated when he suffered his last stroke. He passed over at the age of 88 on December 14th. We buried him on December 17th. My 85 year old Mother in Law has been having a difficult time adapting to being without him. Such is not hard to understand when you consider they were married for 67 years. A bit of something of an epic achievement for this day and age.

Then, on December 19th, after giving 25 years of service (another milestone achievement in this century) as a custodian (janitor), my Husband retired from the University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics. This was quite a change that threw my peacefulness into even more chaos– namely, what to do about health insurance for 2017, and having to make sure we had enough funds to survive an entire month with zero income before his pension and Social Security kicked in. Added on top of that, we had our Granddaughters visiting us for their annual winter break from December 26th to January 1st. We were supposed to have them a few days before but a bad snowstorm messed that up. In any case, it took until darned near January 10th to be certain that everything was in order as it should be with our respective insurance issues. Yes, migraines were commonplace during this time. So no… The holidays outright SUCKED as most things did in 2016. I did not have an enjoyable holiday season.

In February, things were looking up again. We had money. We filed our taxes. All looked good. Then, March came. We celebrated my daughter’s 20th birthday and Hubs somehow managed to develop an upper respiratory infection that landed him in the hospital for 4 days. He was released March 13th– another lousy day– weather wise. Thankfully my region was well-prepared for the horrid weather and the streets were cleared and navigational without the slipping and sliding. In fact, when I went to pick up Hubs, the snow had gratefully let up an hour before his release. However, during that time also, my daughter somehow had managed to develop mononucleosis, only to narrowly avoid a hospital stay herself!!! Both Dad and Daughter are on the medical mend. Perhaps the only medical grace that the Lady has bestowed upon us is the fact that I (the usual high risk medical case around here) escaped the sickies in my household with a simple, basic, common cold. Lucky for me, I’m smart. I stocked up on echinacea tea and airborne. Without such? I probably would have been roomates in the hospital with Hubs.

Anyhoo, with all this in mind… How happy am I that Ostara arrived? The word is: EXCEEDINGLY. Yes, I know that spring is one of two seasons that raise hell with my sinuses and the rains will make me ache but, oh well. At least warmer weather and more sunlight is on the daily menu. Bring it on!!!

Be blessed,