The Morning Coffee: February 27, 2017

sahjaza-mug-bGood Morning!

The best part of waking up is Sahjaza in your mug. LOL! No seriously… A bit ago, I showed my love and support of Temple (House) Sahjaza– a long standing and reputable vampire/witch coven founded by my dear friend, Goddess Rosemary, by purchasing this mug from their site on Zazzle. The mug itself is well crafted and sturdy. I should get many years of use out of it. It was a great way to show some love and support of both my friend, and the numerous members of her coven with whom I’ve become friends with as well over many years. Personally, I’ve known Rosemary for 20 years (and counting), dating back to our extremely active sites on MSN Groups (which no longer exist since MSN stopped offering groups quite a long time ago– sadly).

Over the many years of my “witchery” on the internet, I’ve come to know and highly regard the many individuals with whom I’ve worked with in the past. In 1994, I founded a Yahoo Groups site under the screen name of Jedi Psychic. At that time, no one knew I was a solitary witch– with exception to my late cousin, Sharon (one of the untimely and horribly perished on 9/11). I kept such under wraps because of a strongly bible-thumping ex-husband with whom I’d had two sons. I’d actually been a witch since October of 1995, shortly before my youngest son, Luke, had been born. I was initiated Gardnerian, but in large part due to my restrictive ex-husband, then my husband, I eventually drifted into the realm of the solitary which proved itself invaluable, beneficial, and enjoyable in later years.

Thank the Lady and Lord for the likes of Scott Cunningham for his writings geared toward solitaries. Cunningham wrote the way that I think, and his works were valuable to a witch like myself. Because of him, visualization proved to become an indispensible tool– something that has helped me immensely since 2005, when I’d become a victim of congestive heart failure. Since 2005 most notably and again in 2015, my solitary witchery has been adapted to my medical limitations quite nicely. I’ll simply say this… visualization which has led to a keenly disciplined mind is of keynote importance and a major ingredient in the manner I conduct and perform my rituals. For such, I owe a good amount of thanks to Cunningham’s books for being able to do that well and pull it all off successfully.

In any case, in the spiritual sense of “repaying the blessings/paying it forward”, I have been a participating member in the pagan/witch community– most notably on the internet over the past 23 years (and counting), as Jedi Psychic to Lady Aquarius (I chose to come out of the broomcloset in 1997 under the latter screen name when my daughter, Gabrielle (Abby) was born.) with Lady Aquarius 1962’s Cauldron on MSN Groups. There, I was invited to assist with a daily pagan “news” site on MSN– Pagan Daily News. Eventually, I came to fully operate the site when the founding members found their business lives becoming too involved for them to dedicate time to the endeavor any longer.

At Pagan Daily News, I worked with a great bunch of people and pagans. One of whom was a gal with the screen name of Lady Elaine (author Celeste Heldstab) who also ran a number of MSN Groups sites. There was another gal with the screen name on MSN as Apache Rain/Shade who also worked with me on Pagan Daily News. Shade passed over a number of years ago, but at that time, she had a number of MSN Groups also– a few of which I came to co-manage for her over the years as her health deteriorated and Hurricane Katrina swept through her area, and it was through them that I met a gal with the screen name of Silky Rose (my friend Rosemary of Temple Sahjaza).

All of this being stated, I raise my coffee mug in salute. Hail Sahjaza! To my sister in the craft, I raise my first morning’s cup of joe to you and your coven. May you all continue to be blessed for many years to come!

Be blessed,