The Morning Coffee: November 24, 2016

coffee-pouring-cream-2016_05_14-02_02_56-utcHappy Thanksgiving!

Here in the United States, we are celebrating the annual holiday of Thanksgiving. It is a time for being thankful for all that we have and willingly share it with those whom we love– be they friends or family. Some of us even share it with the homeless or less-fortunate individuals in some way, shape, or form. It is also a time for taking stock of our lives and meditating upon our situations. What do we have to be thankful for? Such a questioning of ourselves is commonplace today.

Today however, is unique for many of us. The recent US Election did not end well for about 2 million voters (and still counting). Those people helped their candidate of choice win the Popular Vote (majority of people). Sadly and unfairly, that candidate will not be the President of our nation in January 2017, unless by some outright miracle– our Nation’s Electoral College does the right thing and take the side of the majority in this matter. In all honesty, I’m not holding my breath. I didn’t hold my breath in 2000 when this happened either.

Irregardless of what develops in that matter, I am one of many who are dealing with what currently is happening. I don’t like it. There are many things such as racism, sexism, and numerous other things going on in my Nation that frankly– makes me very concerned about the future and it leaves me feeling ill. Not so much physically ill. I’m speaking of spiritually ill. It’s a part of an inner-knowingness on a soul level that I’ve been in this position before (many of us whom are pagan or witch believe in reincarnation btw), and so here I am… AGAIN. It leaves me questioning my fellow humanity’s intelligence. I feel like I’m surrounded by complete nincompoops. Sort of like the old adage: “One cannot soar with eagles when they’re surrounded by fools.” In this instance, not only am I surrounded by fools– I am surrounded by greed and selfishness. Should I pack up and run to Canada? Should I see how many others in my State are considering secession (CalExit) from the Union and follow? NO!!! Why? That’s an easy way out as much as it is a cop-out, and it is entirely unrealistic. Such a thing would only end up as disastrous as the Civil War. If not worse.

I also find myself wondering if this Nation’s fight for its independence 240 years ago was even worth it. To quote a line out of the movie, “The Patriot”– “Why should I trade one tyrant three thousand miles away for three thousand tyrants one mile away? An elected legislature can trample a man’s rights as easily as a king can.”, Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson’s character).

Yes, this has been happening for quite some time here in the United States, and it is poised to become far worse in the next four years. Am I supposed to be thankful for this? Are any of us? I say yes. How can I say that? Easy. We are standing apart from the madness, the greed, the tyrannical, the sexist, the racist, the fascist, the neo-nazi, and so forth. We are the American Patriots of the 21st Century! Nothing can ever take that away from us. Ever. So yes, for that? I am thankful and equally so for those who find themselves in agreement. There are more of us than there are those in opposition (both intentional and blindly ignorant to it). We just need to get past the illusion of being outnumbered. We are in fact, far from it.

Our Forefathers are hoping that we will realize this. That belief is what this Nation was founded upon. We are the “American Dream.” Men. Women. Black. White. Asian. Hispanic. Native. WE the people!!! Be mindful of such. Be prepared to fight against those who oppose us. Be ready to defend. Stand united. Be thankful.

Be blessed…