The Morning Coffee: November 8, 2016

3  Yes, it’s a little past Noon today but I’ve had a busy morning.  I only had one cup of coffee and off to the local polls for Election Day I went with my Hubby and Daughter.  We stopped off at Denny’s for breakfast after casting our votes.  This year’s ballot was quite easy to vote upon–  A simple fill in the hole next to the Candidate of your choice.  I made certain that little hole was filled alright.  It’s a wonder the pen didn’t rip a hole in the hole.  In any case, short of “missing ballots” there is no friggin’ way not to be able to read and make out whom I voted for.  (It was NOT for Mr. Trump, btw.)

In any case, today was a day that will indeed be remembered in American history.  It was the first time in our 240 year history that a woman was on the ballot for the office of President of the United States.  That fact alone is worthy of celebration.  Whether or not Clinton wins is irrelevant in my opinion.  Susan B. Anthony and all the other suffragettes would be so very proud.  We (women) have come a very long way, and we’ve stood strong against religious ignorance and masculine opposition.  May we keep progressing forward toward equality in all realms of life.  May the Goddess help us.

On a parting note, I’m very proud and honored to have shared this moment in history with my Daughter.  I only wish I could’ve also shared it with my Mother but, I know she’s watching…

Be blessed,