Pagan Calendar: November 1, 2016


fairy-green-2016_08_30-14_06_00-utcTuesday: Day of Honor
Tuesday is a time to focus on masculine vibrations for invocations relating to hunting, competition, or sporting prowess. This day is also good for goal setting, motivation, and courage. It is associated with magic dealing with athletics, competitions, conflicts, courage, hunting, legality, logic, physical strength, politics, vitality and war.

Astro Aspects: All times are CDT
3:16 am
Transiting Sun Trine Transiting Neptune
Follow your intuition. Your imagination and creativity are limitless. Record your dreams and ideas.

5:30 am
Transiting Sun Sextile Transiting North Node
You enlist the help of others to achieve your goals. You realize that you are not alone.

6:23 am
Transiting Mars SemiSquare Transiting Neptune
The desire to escape is strong, perhaps inspired by a wonderful project or person; or maybe you are tired. Don’t push. Take some quiet time. Have faith that all will be well.

9:14 am
Transiting Mars SesquiSquare Transiting North Node
Slow down for a moment and reassess your life goals. Are you on the right path or do you need to change direction?

9:42 am
Moon enters Sagittarius
Expand your mind. Create space for adventure. Explore new pathways. Aim high. It is time to broaden horizons.

Color of the Day: Scarlet
Health, passion, love, fertility, strength, courage, willpower; increases magnetism in rituals.

Deities of the Day: Ares (Greek)/Mars (Roman), Tiw/Tyr (Norse), Lilith (Sumerian)
Mars was originally a god of vegetation, but as time went on he became more closely linked to Ares, the Greek god of war. Mars was one of the major deities of the Roman pantheon. He was a patron god of soldiers and was often portrayed as wearing a cape, suit of armor, and a plumed helmet. Mars’ symbols include a shield and a spear. It is believed that the month of March got its name from Mars, partially due to the often violent swings in weather– not unlike his temperament.

Tyr, or Tiw, is the Norse god who lends his name to Tuesday. He was best known for the binding of the Fenris, a big, bad, and ravenous wolf. Tyr managed to bind Fenris but lost his sword hand in the process. Tyr is known for his courage in defense of his clan. He was the deity of warriors, and his devotees were said to have marked Tyr’s rune (Tiwaz– which looks like an arrow that points skyward) onto their swords for protection and to ensure that they would win their battles. Tyr is also a god of justice and law. Another symbol for Tyr is the sword. This Norse god brings a fair resolution to any conflict, as he is a god of courage, strength, wisdom, meditation, and of course battling skills.

Lilith is the divine lady owl and the original independent female. She is often portrayed as a dark-winged, beguiling sorceress. The most familiar image of Lilith comes from a terra-cotta relief from Sumer, dating back to approximately 2000 BCE. She is shown as an attractive winged woman with clawed feet and is allegedly the first wife of Adam who had refused to be submissive to him. She believed in equality amongst and within the sexes. Not ego-driven male-dominion over women. In any case, it is for such reasons, she has been maligned and erroneously mislabeled as “evil.” In more modern times, she is popularly imagined as a beautiful vampire and the ultimate femme-fatale.

Amongst modern practitioners, Lilith is a patroness of Witches and a goddess of sexuality, wisdom, female equality, power, and independence. While Lilith is not traditionally linked to Tuesday, there is no solid reason as to why she should not be. After all, Lilith’s feisty and fiery qualities are perfect for today. This is the ideal day for a large dose of “in-your-face” female empowerment! These aggressive and strong characteristics are perfect companions for the day’s energies.

Goddess Focus of the Day: Author’s Day (US)/Nisaba

Themes: Creativity; Communication; Excellence; Inspiration; Universal law; Divination; Dreams

Symbols: Pens; Computers; Books; Snakes (her sacred animal)

About Nisaba: In Sumerian tradition, this goddess’s name means “she who teaches the decrees,” referring specifically to imparting divine laws to humankind. In order to communicate these matters effectively, Nisaba invented literacy, and she uses creative energy to inspire scribes. Besides this, Nisaba is an oracular goddess, well gifted in dream interpretation.

Source: ‘365 Goddess: A daily guide to the magic and inspiration of the goddess’, by Patricia Telesco

Herbals of the Day: Black Pepper, Ginger, Pine

Tuesday’s Spell: Anoint a red candle with one of the above-mentioned essential oils. Cast your circle in your usual manner, then return to your altar and light your spell candle and say…

This day brings drives for passion and success,
May my spells now quickly manifest.
Herbs of the warrior, lend your energies to mine,
Bring positive change and grant me courage with this rhyme.

On this Date: Cross-quarter day: Samhain, Festival of the Dead, Third Station of the Year/Kalends of November/All Saints/Isia
The third station of the year, awakening, is a time of letting go, when the seed falls to Earth. Samhain is the beginning of winter in the natural year. All Saints’ Day is the first day of the two-day Christian commemoration of the dead elevated to sainthood. As a continuation of Samhain, the Eve of All Souls’ Day begins at sunset when it is customary to light the bonfires known as tinley fires (teanlas or tindles). The theme of this week is memory of the dead, communication with the underworld, and purification for the future.

Source: ‘The Pagan Book of Days: A Guide to the Festivals, Traditions, and Sacred Days of the Year’, by Nigel Pennick

Tarot Card Associations of the Day: Five of Wands (for the ability to handle life’s annoyances, battles, and conflicts), Six of Wands (for victory and triumph), and Strength (for inner strength and self-control).

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