The Morning Coffee: October 25, 2016

2Good Morning…

I’ve been recovering from a busy weekend.  My Granddaughters were here since last Wednesday evening.  They had a break from school and therefore were able to enjoy an extended weekend with their Dad and everyone here.  We had fun watching the more recent version of ‘Ghostbusters’ with Jenny McCarthy.  While it was a cute movie and fairly well done, that had featured cameo appearances from Bill Murray and Dan Ackroyd, I still found myself missing the originals.  The girls and I also had some fun playing Star Wars Battlefront, and they managed to help Grams here complete some Hutt Contracts.  They also learned why NOT to play against Grams in the Skirmish modes.  Clue:  They discovered that Grams is a pretty good opponent.

Anyhoo, as Samhain approaches, I tend to find myself seeking solace and quiet.  With the upcoming farce of an Election I find myself having to turn off the TV, Radio, and yes… even the Internet.  I simply go for a walk, or take a nap to regain my center.  On a recent walk through my neighborhood, I’d noted signs for Trump/Pence and Clinton/Kaine littering front lawns mixed in with the more traditional multi-colored leaves and festive Halloween decor and I was struck with a serious thought.  Samhain is the festival of the dead– a time to remember our ancestors and to celebrate the last of the harvests.  As that particular thought entered my mind, I found myself looking at a Trump/Pence sign and felt a cold chill blast through my body from head to toe like a lightning bolt.  In any case, I took such as a confirmation of my intuitive instinct NOT to cast a vote for Trump/Pence.  Far worse, the incident served as a warning that IF Trump/Pence would emerge as winners of this Election, the American nation will undergo some seriously dark and perilous times.  When I came home, I even performed a Tarot reading on it all.  Let’s just say the forecast was rather “ugly.”  I took such as yet another confirmation.

Irregardless, most of this Election, I’ve tried my best to keep people informed of the issues between the Candidates.  Unfortunately that sort of thing proved rather difficult because– as we’ve all come to realize, I’m certain– Mr. Trump is a supreme attention whore.  I seriously don’t think it matters whether the attention he receives is positive or negative.  All that matters to Trump is that he’s getting attention.

Today for example, the New York Times published ‘The 281 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List.’  Astonishingly this published revelation took up an incredible two pages of the NY Times– yes.  TWO PAGES.  What a waste of paper resources, in my opinion.  While such may be entertaining to some, I found it appalling on so many levels.  Most notably that the Times must be suffering from what is commonly referred to in journalism as a “slow news day.”

Honestly.  If you want to shut Trump up?  Stop writing, stop talking, stop everything about his pathetic self.  Trump is good for one thing.  Fodder.  That’s it.  Move on.  Next…

Have a wonderful day!  Turn off the TV, the Radio, the Internet, and go for a walk amongst Nature’s artistry.  It’s a far more enjoyable time.

Be blessed,