Tarot Themes for the Week of October 9, 2016


The reflected card themes is not by any means a traditional reading. Instead, it is more of a meditative or reflective journey that utilizes tarot as a means indicating what needs to be considered and our thoughts, attitudes, and actions are likely to be reflected when looking at each card for the upcoming week ahead. This reading is not merely a personal one. I hope that you will enjoy the journey along with me…

Beginning of the Week (Sunday – early Wednesday)
The focus point is reflected in the drawing of the Eight of Pentacles.

We are told…
This is a time when we enjoy our work, a career with benefits and retirement. Our expertise is rewarded, some of us may be promoted. We are likely to apply our skill and talent to some form of commercial gain.

Midweek (mid Wednesday – early Friday)
The focus is relative to the drawing of the Page of Pentacles.

We are told…
We are involved in some form of practical study, and using our interests to generate an income. There is news about lifestyle, personal identity, and diligence. Some of us may be seeking more responsibility or higher education. Others are likely to complete some form of study which will be used for future gains.

Weekend (mid Friday – early Sunday)
The focus is on the Knight of Athames (Swords in most tarot).

We are told…
This is a card indicative of swift action, especially when our minds are made up. There is determination and a bit of an aggressive approach to completing something. The key here is to also look before we leap. Spur of the moment enthusiasm and the excitement of embarking on a new objective could result in a lack of preparation or our making a premature commitment without fully being aware of and understanding all that is likely to be involved.

Be blessed.


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