Trump IS A “Distraction”

trumpa  It’s a common tactic of career politicians to supply the American people with fodder and multiple distractions to take their eyes and ears off of them and their doings (and non-doings). Recently, the group Anonymous released a video that surveyed people by asking a variety of questions relative to today’s US political topic areas. The quizzed people FAILED. They could not even name our current Vice President. On the other hand however, they all knew who Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were and what was going on with them. They also knew the name of Pitt’s ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston. So yes, agreeing with and quoting the Anonymous group, “The dumbing down of America is complete.”

In any case allow me to bring us to the main point. Republican Presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump is a distraction. Yes. DISTRACTION. Now do I have your attention? Probably not but, from my observant eyes and ears, Trump’s well-staged victory of the GOP candidacy is crystal clear and a testiment to that FACT. In the meantime, YOU, John and Jane American-Voter have been played for the SUCKERS you unwittingly are. Allow me to attempt to clarify this in simplistic terms…

In the beginning of the entire campaign process on the GOP side, there were a total of 5 Republican candidates. They were:

Jeb Bush— Former Governor FL
Marco Rubio— Senator FL
Ted Cruz— Senator TX
John Kasich— Senator OH
Donald Trump— Businessman

Okay. Four out of the five candidates are pretty much career politicians with Bush being BORN and RAISED in politics. For those of you whom need a refresher course– Jeb’s Father (George H.W. Bush) and Brother (George W. Bush) were the respective 41st and 43rd US Presidents. Now, Jeb Bush– a former Governor of Florida was in office at the time of the now-infamous “chads” incident surrounding his elder brother’s first Presidential election victory over former Vice President Al Gore. C’mon people. Do a Google search here, and educate yourselves. We do live in the age of the Internet.

The above point out of the way now leads me to Rubio, Cruz, and Kasich. Ladies and Gentlemen… What have any of those Senators lost by NOT winning the GOP nomination? Are they still members of Congress? Did they lose their Senate seats? Even more interesting… MOST Republicans are supporting Clinton NOT Trump. Hellooooo????

The secondary points are made. Is anyone reading this blog entry seeing where this is all going? Probably not. You’re likely more interested in the Kardashians than this.

The final point. Donald J. Trump a businessman with NO political experience whatsoever is the GOP nominee for President. I won’t go into all the “gory” details here except it’s quite obvious that the Media enjoys providing us with the entertainment of Trump’s misbehavior, temper tantrums, lies, and the gods only know whatall, and YOU the American voter are being manipulated and duped the entire time into taking your eyes and ears off of the activities of our current Congress, et al. Conveinient. Smart. We are sooo very dumb. You still doubt me? Well, pictures are worth a billion words. Allow me to (uh hem) entertain you…