Lenormand Reflection for Aug. 27 – 28, 2016

36 CrossSince the Lenormand originates from a Christian culture, the Cross card symbolizes the suffering of Christ and the idea that everyone “has their cross(es) to bear,” which refers to the burden that each person shoulders throughout the challenges of their daily lives. This card is the epitomization of sacrifice and painful rites of passage.

The Cross is a heavy card. It expresses suffering, worries, burdens, difficulties, troubles, trials, pains, hardship, and challenges. It denotes all forms of concerns, anxiety, and trepidations. In a reading, this card brings tears and triggers painful obstacles, hindrances, and impediments on many levels: emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual. The Cross also represents regret, remorse, and guilt, shame, humiliation, and lastly disappointment. This card may also signify religion, faith, and belief. The Cross stands for all organized religions and their dogma.

The intensity of this card is in proportion to the gravity/intensity of the question asked. Should the question be about a test of some sort, it is likely that this test will have a negative outcome requiring a retest. In medical/health matters, the Cross implies serious pain and suffering.

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