Lenormand Reflection of the Day: Book

26Book The Book tends to appeal to our natural curiosity about what is hidden between the bookcovers. It is the symbol of knowledge and education, as well as of wisdom and intelligence. It speaks of hidden mysteries and secrecy. It also represents facts, and data. It signifies projects, cases, assignments, designs, strategies, audits, accounts, researches, examinations, reviews, assessments, inventories, and all training, instructing, and schooling. The hidden and secretive aspect of the Book corresponds to all occult, esoteric teachings. It speaks of the unknown as well as that of discoveries, breakthroughs, and the unearthing of all that is concealed, hidden, confidential, and buried.

The Book may also be very literal and simply depict a physical object like a book, journal, file, record, or even a deck of playing cards. It is our unrevealed thoughts, hidden emotions, and inner wisdom, plus our secrets that turn up in the Book.

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