Politics 2016: A Trip in Hell

Pissed Off

Okay… after doing some intense homework, I discovered the following in short summary:

I in all sincere honesty liked Gary Johnson (Libertarian) BUT… I have some serious issues with his party’s stances. I’ve also read some media articles that have advised him to leave the Libertarian party. I also agree with such. So, that’s a “no” in my books.

I like Jill Stein (Green) BUT… She’s too busy attempting to be the “perfect” replacement for Bernie Sanders and not being entirely herself. I also didn’t much care for the “swooping in like a vulture”/”I can be your savior…” tactic she pulled in Philly. However, she remains a “maybe”.

Lastly, like it (or not), there’s Hillary Clinton. Another “maybe” at this point but higher on the scale than Stein at this point. Why? EXPERIENCE. The only other candidate that has enjoyed some form of experience is Johnson. Stein is a doctor w/ no law experience whatsoever, and “He who will not be named” may be a business genius but politically? Read below…

Yes btw, I’ve purposely not mentioned “He who will not be named” by name because he’s an attention whore and major bullshit-stirrer who’s going to ruin long-held relations with a good number of allies and likely get us nuked. I’m sorry. I’m just not up to a scud missile coming at my front door while I’m enjoying my morning coffee. Any questions? I hope not because I refuse to answer further.