Tarot Themes for the Week of July 10, 2016

LabeledThe reflected card themes is not by any means a traditional reading. Instead, it is more of a meditative or reflective journey that utilizes tarot as a means indicating what needs to be considered and our thoughts, attitudes, and actions are likely to be reflected when looking at each card for the upcoming week ahead. This reading is not merely a personal one. I hope that you will enjoy the journey along with me…

Beginning of the Week (Sunday – early Wednesday)
The focus point is reflected in the drawing of the Page of Pentacles.

We are told…
This Page comes bearing the message of opportunities in the areas of growth and prosperity. It is a small spark this Page holds, but is she is just the harbinger for potential. It is up to each of us to make of that spark what we will– a mere smoldering coal or the blaze of a rising star– but that choice and vision is something that each of us must find on our own, using skills and resources at hand.

Midweek (mid Wednesday – early Friday)
The focus is relative to the drawing of Temperance.

We are told…
Harmony and equilibrium, balancing of opposites, healing. Moderation of extremes, self-restraint, harnessing absolute forces, and reining them in to be wielded to a purpose. Holding opposites apart from one another denies their power of unity we are reminded. By drawing such together to merge in a measured fashion, and understanding what one bestows upon the other, a beautiful synthesis can be created. Sometimes all that holds the two apart is a wall of belief. By our being flexible and understanding– we learn that there is more than one way to perceive the world which goes a long way towards breaking down our invisible barriers.

Weekend (mid Friday – early Sunday)
The focus is on the Knight of Cups.

We are told…
Follow our dreams, this Knight tells us. Let your intuition be your guide. As long as we remain honest and faithful, following the truths within our hearts, we can one day achieve the goals of our imaginations.

Be blessed.



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