Tarot Themes for the Week of June 26, 2016

DSCN1316The reflected card themes is not by any means a traditional reading. Instead, it is more of a meditative or reflective journey that utilizes tarot as a means indicating what needs to be considered and our thoughts, attitudes, and actions are likely to be reflected when looking at each card for the upcoming week ahead. This reading is not merely a personal one. I hope that you will enjoy the journey along with me…

Beginning of the Week (Sunday – early Wednesday)
The focus point is reflected in the drawing of the Eight of Swords.

We are told…
This card is indicative of bondage and restriction, whether the cause of such be illness, disability, family, or financial circumstances. In any case, we find ourselves faced with a difficult choice– it is too late to go back and at the same time if we go forward, such will bring pain. However, this problem before us is in most part self-created, as the restriction lie in our own minds: the bondage is our own fears.

We need to remember that everyone has restrictions and limitations on what we are able to do– not everyone is able to run a marathon, or even walk. Each of us has different talents and abilities. Just because we find ourselves unable to do one thing, we don’t have to close ourselves off to the multiple possibilities that are still fully obtainable. This card tells us that the bondage to our own fears and self-limitations needs to be banished.

Midweek (mid Wednesday – early Friday)
The focus is relative to the drawing of the Star.

We are told…
This card is the doorbell ringer to a new beginning instigated by some form of experience that gives us new hope in the future, an inspiration that will give us the courage and strength to go on. Horizons are broadened and we feel a renewed mental and physical vigor.

On a spiritual level, we find ourselves fortified by our love of humanity, by keeping our faith strong, and by trusting in our spiritual insight. Moments of illumination and great clarity of vision is highlighted during this time.

Weekend (mid Friday – early Sunday)
The focus is on Rebirth (Judgement in most Tarot).

We are told…
All actions, be they good or evil, we find are repaid in kind and carry the seeds of their own justice. At this time, our past actions are shaping our present, and we will be either rewarded or punished accordingly. Some recent experience is causing us to review our past in an attempt to discern the pattern or our lives and the choice we’ve made that has brought us to our present circumstance. With this informative insight, we have a new viewpoint with which to approach our future. This card speaks of change and renewal. We will move forward with new energy and resolution.

On a spiritual level, this card speaks of profound change in our consciousness. Our insight reveals that the person we are now is the result of past actions and choices. Previously unrecognized patterns are made clear and seen as part of the whole.

Be blessed.