Witches’ Spirit Focus for the Week of June 21, 2015

Wk of June 21

For the benefit of new readers of this entry:  The spirit focus is not so much a “tarot reading.” Rather, it is more of a meditative or reflective journey that utilizes tarot as a means indicating what needs to be pondered upon for the upcoming week ahead. In doing such, I simply ask the cards to assist and speak to me about the main influences that are likely to lie ahead, and how best those issues could be handled by all of humankind. This reading is not merely a personal one. It is open-ended to encompass the entire world as a collective unit should the desire to ponder what this tarot reveals be a motivating factor if only for curiosity sake. I hope that you will enjoy the journey along with me…

Beginning of the Week (Sunday – early Wednesday)
The focus point is reflected in the drawing of the Four of Wands.  Energies, passions, drives, and initiatives are in full swing.  Now is the time to celebrate the warmer weather, and the growing life in our gardens and fields.  Soon enough, will be the time to focus our energies upon the harvestings of such, but for the moment, we are are able to dance– just because.

We are told…
It may be said that to really be in one place, you need two things:  “presence” and “focus.”  This card is about presence.  Real presence.  Not just merely being there.  When people dance, you need to dance to really be there.  When people eat, you must be eating.  When people love, when people suffer, when people talk… you must be present.  Not on the side, as an anonymous bystander.

Midweek (mid Wednesday – early Friday)
The focus is relative to the drawing of the Lovers.  This card reminds us to follow the yearnings of our hearts but to also follow up those yearnings with clear thought, being fully conscious of the consequences of our actions, and finally to commit with our whole selves, bodies, minds, hearts, and spirit.

We are told…
Opposites are difficult to join.  They turn and revolve and dance around one other.  But as long as they are balanced, they are connected and they are able to create a greater whole.  Even the most simple choice… the choice of love… is not made in one instant, but is to be lived through for a whole cycle.  It may be the love for a husband or wife, or for a son or mother… but however we decide to look at it, love is the language of balance.  It is what makes balance possible.

Weekend (mid Friday – early Sunday)
The focus is on the Ace of Swords.  Ideas and reason are both powerful.  Ideas create reality and reason is what we rely on to determine the truth about something.  The athame (or sword), like ideas and reason, are double-edged.  An idea can float through our minds, as light and elegant as a butterfly.  That idea, if given a home in our minds, can change our world, for good or bad.  Even the truth, usually considered a good or desirable thing, can be wielded with grace to create healing or with malicious intent and cause great pain.  We can use our reason to determine the truth or we can use it to convince ourselves or others to believe a lie.  We usually focus on solar reason, which is linear.  This card reminds us that we have access to lunar reason, which is not linear but based on relationships between things and cycles.  This Ace represents a wonderful and powerful gift, and we should be careful to use it responsibly.

We are told…
There is no limit to what you can say with words.  You can create ideas, express emotions, or just make something you see more real.  Communication is not just between two people but can be between you and the Universe.

Have a lovely week!