Witches’ Spirit Focus for the Week of June 14, 2015

For the benefit of new readers of this entry:  The spirit focus is not so much a “tarot reading.” Rather, it is more of a Wk of June 14Bmeditative or reflective journey that utilizes tarot as a means indicating what needs to be pondered upon for the upcoming week ahead. In doing such, I simply ask the cards to assist and speak to me about the main influences that are likely to lie ahead, and how best those issues could be handled by all of humankind. This reading is not merely a personal one. It is open-ended to encompass the entire world as a collective unit should the desire to ponder what this tarot reveals be a motivating factor if only for curiosity sake. I hope that you will enjoy the journey along with me…

Beginning of the Week (Sunday – early Wednesday)
The focus point is reflected in the drawing of the Four of Swords.  There are things that we’ve had to let go of, and we need to mourn them properly.  We need to figure out how we will honor them in our hearts and minds and actions.  In this way, we bring the memory forward with us but leave the parts that need to remain buried behind.

We are told…
Things take time.  Rebirth takes time.  Healing takes time.  Understanding takes time.  Aging and growing takes time.  Loving takes time.  Something not yet completed is not imperfect… or wrong.  Give time for things to come to you in their own natural time.

Midweek (mid Wednesday – early Friday)
The focus is relative to the drawing of the Page of Chalices.  This Page is a sensitive individual, curious about relationships and opening up to their feelings.  They learn about the world and themselves by focusing on their feelings.  They are interested in exploring the mysteries of life and are very open to psychic and metaphysical ideas.  They are creative and imaginative and express their creativity and imagination freely.  They can be overly sensitive, retiring, and shy, and can sometimes willfully ignore common sense or rational arguments.

We are told…
Dreaming is about a connection between our desires and reality.  Some dreams may be a seed of something more, and others will just disappear to be woven anew into different dreams inside our heart.

Weekend (mid Friday – early Sunday)
The focus is on the Fool.  The Fool is the space in between and is the space where everything exists.  It is both night and day and also neither.  Nothing and everything coexist at the same time, in all time, in the now, which is the only time.  It is the silence before the sound.  The Fool is a conundrum, a riddle without an answer until one is given.

For us, for our lives, we are the Fool when we are at a point where anything, or almost anything is possible.  Until we make a choice and in choosing are immediately no longer in this space.  But before that decision is made, all possibilities exist.  There are no good and bad, or right and wrong.  Everything just is.

You are here, now, in this empty place filled with everything that can ever be.  You get to fill this space with whatever you wish.  The path doesn’t exist until you take your first step and then a next.  With each step, the path takes shape, gains definition.  Soon you will be running along that path and it will be night or it will be day, but not both.  You won’t know until you move.  You are the center of this world and it is your choice that will create it.  Make your choice, make the leap.  Start your new journey and see what wonderful things come of it.

We are told…
The Fool is the beginning and the end.  And it is everything in between.  It is that… and it is not.

Maybe the real key to understand the Fool is to see it for what it “is not.”  Define the Fool by what it is not… it is the zero, it’s empty, and you need to fill it with your own meaning, but it will still be empty… with the same clarity as the present becomes the past and the future becomes the present.

Have an outstanding week!