Solitary Witchery and the Esbats

Mead Moon Lit 2015SmTuesday was the eve of the latest Esbat, and I celebrated it in full ritual fashion, typical of a witch, but even more so for those within covens.  However, I have also discovered that for many Solitaries, a full ritual for an Esbat may NOT be so “typical.”  I’ve found that although ritual is the more traditional manner of communing with the Lady on her night of fullness, She is also rather accepting of something a bit more informal (to some it may even be a bit more personal– let me know if you feel and think that way)– almost like that of a simple Mother-Daughter (Son, for you guys out there) get-together over a cup of coffee and perhaps performing a candlelit Tarot reading (which IS a great way to open the doors of communication, by the way). Irregardless, as I normally do on Esbats– I still performed a much-needed self-reading in which I’d asked the Lady in her triplicity, very simply, to make use of the Tarot as Her “channel” of communication, and to grant me confirmation and guidance in the areas of concern to me.  Her answers were quite comforting.

The Tarot reading when performed utilizing the “Triple Goddess Spread” is an absolutely wonderful way to get feedback from the Lady and some helpful advice!  Allow me to show you how such is done…

June 2015 Esbat ReadingFor this reading you will need to draw out the following Major Arcana cards (to use to draw in the Goddess in her triple form)…

Maiden:  the High Priestess

Mother:  the Empress

Crone:  the Moon

Place those 3 cards in a row (as pictured to the right), then shuffle the cards.  You then ask the Triple Goddess to share her wisdom with you.

Then you deal 3 cards under each aspect of the Goddess.  You will have 9 cards in all.

The Maiden (Priestess) will inform you of possibilities, your hopes and dreams, and things that may yet be coming into fruition.  She will also address the root issues of your concerns.

The Mother (Empress) shows you how your projects and goals have come to fruition and what is going on around you now.  She will also address if whether or not She believes you’re headed in the correct direction, or areas where you may need improvement.

The Crone (Moon) shows you the outcome, and your karma– things that are unseen at the moment be they potentials or hidden thoughts or desires, and quite possibly issues and things that you may be either unaware of or afraid to face.

Although this spread can truly be performed anytime, I find that it is best used the evening of an Esbat.  In any case, try it for yourselves, and feel free to let me know your thoughts and feelings about this particular spread.

Now, back to the non-traditional Esbat celebration issue amongst Solitaries…

For some Solitaries, they conduct their informal rites saying a simple prayer to “Mother Moon.”  Others may simply go for a walk and bask in the moonlight.  If the weather is inhospitable, some may simply light some incense and a few candles, and take a few moments out for meditation.

With such in mind, I dare to ask, are the informal “rites” any less effective or honorable and befitting to the Goddess?  To be quite fair, I’ve done ritual in the traditional sense, and I’ve done the informal.  What I have found is that the Lady simply LOVES to be remembered.  Period.  How you go about doing such is irrelevant.  It all boils down to opening the doors of communication and communion with your Mother by taking a few moments of time from the insanity and fast-pacedness of our lives just to be with Her.  That is what She cares about.

Be blessed!