This Witch is Pooped!!!

YuleCandleCenterpieceFirst, NO… I did NOT craft this centerpiece but I DID craft over 50 colored and scented soy tealight candles today to use up what was left of my wax– hence, why I am exhausted.  On the plus side, the candlecrafting for the holiday season anyhoo is at an end, and I am now free to catch a breather and relax a bit.

My Mother in Law already has her candlecrafts given to her, and she is enjoying and bragging about them.  I scented the candles (at least the ones that I’m giving as gifts) with Peppermint.  The ones I crafted for here on the homefront are Juniper and Pine scented.  Very wintery smelling, and guaranteed to make the homestead smell good on frigid days, when I can’t open the windows to let some fresh air inside.

The day was not uneventful however, and not in a good way.  My daughter had been attempting to sell her prom dress on Craigslist.  Well, someone from Nevada contacted her, and arranged to have a check issued (allegedly from her Father living in Nebraska).  She also told my daughter to keep the $240 for the purchase of her dress, BUT (get this) give the remaining money (over $1,100 worth) in CASH to her seamstress who was to pick the dress up.  The other odd thing was (another get this) the check being issued by Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA (I did some checking– the college is legit), insert another BUT the check was mailed out from Lincoln, Nebraska (allegedly the buyer’s Father).  Well, being one to trust my intuition, today I phoned the local police department, and informed them of what was going on.  After all, WHY would a buyer have a 17 yr old pay her seamstress (and in cash)???  Guess what?  It’s a 99.9% scam– worse, it’s an EXCEEDINGLY popular one on Craigslist.  Needless to say, local law enforcement is now in possession of the check, and will be contacting Morehouse College about someone writing bogus checks with their name attached to the checks!  In any case, let the lesson here be entitled:  “Let the Seller beware!”

Have a wonderful evening…